Character WIP


Working on something a little different again, just the head so far and mainly in Zbrush, but take a look…

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High Res. Models


I’ve been delving into a bit more high resolution work of late, concentrating on the actual modelling of the object…so no textures or fancy effects as of yet.

The first one is an entrance to some sort of underground complex. I used Zbrush to do a lot of the detailing. hopefully I’ll get time to finish this one off soon, i.e. textures, normal maps and place it into a game engine. Although if mental ray keeps running out of memory whilst trying to process the ridiculous amount polys, the new computer may have to arrive first. :P

Secondly, I’ve modelled a type of Droid for a bit of hard surface modelling practice. I came across this concept by ‘Feng Zhu’, which I thought would make a great exercise in reference modelling. There are lots of subtle details that aren’t apparent at first glance. Take a look…

You can see a test render of the moving parts here.

Bits and Bobs


I’ve had a couple of days free to do a bit of my own work again. I created a texture with an aim to building some modular assets, from which I could then go on and create some buildings. Most of the work in Max with the default dx9 shader, then exported to Unreal where I was able to quickly get some screen grabs before the editor repeatedly crashed…it appears my laptop and the Unreal editor don’t really get on. Time for a new PC I think! :(

Just some basic components put together to try out different workflows and see what could be created in a short turn around. Take a look…

Modular Assets


From now on, unless I am doing something truly unique,  I will be working on modular game assets for environments and props.

I’ve been working on a floor tile made from stone slabs. Take a look…



I’m currently working on Spike, my own concept. Sub-D modelling in XSI, take a look…

Download the Quicktime model spin render.

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Arcade Machine V2.0


I had a bit of time to go back and revisit my Arcade Machine and give it a different look. Check out the now worn and dirty version…

Download the Quicktime DX9 max viewport spin.

Arcade Machine


Another prop I’ve been working on. Something a little more creative and colourful to feast your eyes on…

Concrete Block


Normally I use Photoshop and Crazybump to produce my normal maps. This time around I’ve done things differently and used Zbrush to sculpt a high resolution mesh. I then projected the detailed mesh onto the low poly object and rendered to texture to generate the normal map. To get this technique to work, unfortunately I had to reduce my original sculpt by a couple of subdivision levels due to Mental Ray repeatedly crashing. This is why the max view of the object isn’t quite as crisp as the original sculpt.

Not a lot of time spent on this, more of an exercise to try out some new stuff. Take a look…

Wooden Dock


A prop from my dock environment…

Broadway Building


I’ve been modelling a building from New York in my spare time. Take a look…

Mental Ray


I’ve been looking at some Mental Ray tutorials over the past few days, playing about with some materials and lights etc. to show off one of my cars. Not bad for a 1st attempt! Take a look…

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Just added another quick piece to my personal work section, the ‘Elevator’. Texturing/lighting/rendering by myself, model provided by ‘’.

Jail Cell


Just for fun, I’ve been playing around with some normal and specular maps again in max. I’ve obviously been watching far too much ‘Prision Break’ on TV and decided to make an old jail cell. Anyway here it is…

Back Alley


I’ve been a busy little bee over the past week! A new website, updated portfolio…I’m surprised I’ve found time for anything else, but indeed I have. Texturing/lighting/rendering by myself, model provided by ‘’.

Hello world!


Well…it has been a long time coming, but after recent events I now have some time to actually get round to overhauling this website.

This will be an ongoing process, but I will try and get the content updated A.S.A.P!

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